Imprints on a Day – December 13, 2015

On the Reading Table

Faith Unraveled by Rachel Held Evans

The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo


Ambient Noise

Sam Smith – In the Lonely Hour



Honey of My Failures

Last night, as I was sleeping,

I dreamt – marvelous error! –

That I had a beehive

here inside my heart.

And the golden bees

Were making white combs

and sweet honey

From my old failures.

Antonio Machado

My first name means “honeybee” in Greek, so anything that references bees or honey gets my attention.  And my thought/prayer/musing this morning upon reading this poem is:  May it be so.  God, let it be so. 

No matter how we express it…

          rising from the ashes

          joy comes in the morning

          this, too, shall pass

          hang tough

          why, why, why???

…we must believe something better, something of value, something that makes the sometimes extraordinary pain of life bearable, is coming.  May it be so.  God, let it be so.