Imprints on a Day – November 18, 2015

On the Reading Table

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo


Ambient Noise

NPR’s Morning Edition

The space heater



In the November 18 entry in Mark Nepo’s powerful The Book of Awakening, he offers this instruction:

     Center yourself and bring to mind a time you felt the need to be accepted.

And upon doing that, my response was “every day of my life!”  It brought to mind how much of our energy is devoted to seeking and finding acceptance, belonging, being-wanted-ness.  More for some of us than others, of course.  But no matter…there it is, integral to our experience of life.  The magic lies in finding that acceptance and belonging for our whole selves, not just the parts of us we believe are appropriate for public display, or most desirable for this person or that, or that best support our vision of self, however accurate or healthy that vision may be.

Isn’t that authenticity?  The release from expectations of perfection and an embracing of our whole selves?   It’s my goal…and my struggle…and my goal.