About This Space

I am in my mid-fifties, neither child nor crone, though there have been recent days – and there are days sure to come – that I have felt one or the other or both. My home is in the just-about-center of the continental U.S.  It’s a good place, and I’m glad to be making my life here.  I am fortunate in that.  I like being in the middle of things.  Sometimes I feel that I can stretch my arms wide and touch everywhere in the country…a finger dipping into Florida, a palm sweeping across Montana, a hand cupping California in a friendly embrace.  I can circle and dance and hold it all in my arms, a middle-aged woman thankful to be alive with a good vantage point. I’m here because I need a home to write about what I see, what I hear and feel.  Space to write about what I know.  And room to wonder about what I don’t.  A place to share and discover about the phase of this great spiritual path we call a human life. My name is Malissa Martin.  Welcome.


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