Imprints on a Day – February 8, 2015

On the Reading Table

An Altar in the World by Barbara Brown Taylor

Ambient Noise

NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday


I’m thinking about who my female role models were when I was a child.  I remember a vivid fascination with and a longing to be like Laura Ingalls Wilder, Nellie Bly, and Annie Oakley, as well as an uneasy sense of doomed requirement with Dean Martin’s Golddiggers, Goldie Hawn on Laugh In, assorted Bond girls, and other expressions of airheaded and/or overtly sexual femaleness.

I’m going to find some biographies about Laura, Nellie, and Annie and revisit them as an adult woman. What can I see and learn from them now?

And as for the other female role models I mentioned, well, one can only hope that a combination of therapy and maturation has resolved THOSE issues.


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